The 7 Writer Entrepreneurs.

7 Entrepreneurs Who Are Writing Books This Year And When It Will Be Released.


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1. Cal Newport, Georgetown professor and author

The book: A World Without Email

What it is: A new bold vision for liberating workers from the tyranny of the inbox – and unleashing a new era of productivity.

When it’s out: You can read it in the woods, without your devices, on March 2, 2021.

2. Erica Johnson, media agency owner

The book: Content Secrets: Attract, Engage and Convert with Social Media

What it is: Erica Johnson, founder of E-Partners Marketing and host of The Content podcast, shares her secrets to help entrepreneurs achieve real goals with social media, blogging and video marketing. She’s talking way beyond likes and follows.

When it’s out: Begin using content like a queen or king in spring of 2021.

3. Dr. Laura Ellick, licensed psychologist

The book: Survival Guide For Women In Gaslighting Relationships

What it is: This book is about practical strategies for getting beyond the hurt, anger and betrayal without becoming paranoid and bitter.

When it’s out: Dr. Ellick is coming to save you by the end of 2021!

4. Dr. Chris Lee, coach and podcast host

The book: The 1% Daily Shift

What it is: If you’re obsessed with improvement Dr. Lee shows us how to make micro-improvements to avoid burnout.

When it’s out: You’ll have this one on your bookshelf by Winter of 2021.

5. Chuck McDowell, president and CEO of Wesley Financial Group

The book: Touch the Line

What it is: From business owner Chuck McDowell comes the book that will make you stop in your tracks and ask, “Am I doing the best I possibly can?” Touch the line is a concept that McDowell learned in sports: When he saw another player not fully touch the line in sprints, he knew he had an advantage. McDowell took that advantage and dominated the business world. This book will transform your mindset and detail orientation by encouraging you to touch every line.

When it’s out: You’ll be sprinting with McDowell by summer of 2021.

6. Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO of Kingston Lane

The book: UnderDog: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Companies

What it is: From a master serial entrepreneur comes a playbook on managing your internal dialogue, emotions and routines, creating structure and balance so you can truly amplify all areas of your life.

When it’s out: This new playbook will be your new best friend by fall of 2021.

7. Tracy Duhs, wellness strategist

The book: Hydrate

What it is: This book is full of super unique recipes that hydrate, engage and enliven. Throughout the book, Duhs shares recipes and health tips that helped her go from sick to alive and well.

When it’s out: You’ll be drinking mocktails instead of that third glass of wine by spring of 2021

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