Best online Bachelors in the USA


Best online Bachelors in the USA

In order to create the top online Bachelor’s list from the U.S., we used the U.S. News 2020 list of best online Bachelors in the United States. Then, we checked which ones offer fully online Bachelor’s degrees.

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U.S. News evaluated factors like graduation rates, faculty credentials and support services to create their top online Bachelor’s list.

1. Arizona State University – one of the most popular choices for international students, offers lots of online programmes in Business, Social Sciences, Medicine and Engineering.

2. Oregon State University – nurtures a diverse and welcoming student community, offering online studies in Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and more.

3. University of Florida – great variety of online degrees from a university that challenges conventions, always looking towards what things could be.

4. Colorado State University – a project of passion for students who want to discover their passion. Online degrees in Education, Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, are just a few of the disciplines covered by online courses offered here.

5. University of North Carolina Wilmington – a coastal university dedicated to learning through research and personal discovery, embracing diversity and a global mindset coupled with integrity.

6. University of Oklahoma – a private college offering the experience of a major university, aiming to offer students the best online study experience, and rich career opportunities after graduation.

7. Colorado State University – offers equal attention to innovation, education, and recreation, stimulating the curiosity and passion of students.

8. Washington State University – dedicated to making the world a better place for future generations.

9. University of Massachusetts Lowell – creates a global student hub focusing on the technology sector, with a good variety of online degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, but other areas as well.

10. Pace University – aiming to change the way education has been done until now, placing the focus on practical education and life skills.

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