Creative Entrepreneurs Programme Launches On April 2021.

Entrepreneurship Program For Creatives To Be Launched This April.


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The new training and mentorship program is being developed through a partnership between two of Malta’s top cultural organizations, to boost the entrepreneurial skills of artists and creatives on the island.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI) and the Arts Council Malta (ACM), as part of the ‘Investment in Cultural Organizations (ICO)’ funding program.

The Entrepreneurship program for Creatives, Artists and Cultural Managers is aimed at individuals or groups involved in the creative or cultural sectors, to support the growth of these sectors through building entrepreneurial skills.

“We have always stressed that embracing an entrepreneurial mindset is important, but this is especially relevant during this time of crisis and rapidly-changing realities. We also believe in the value and importance of art, creativity and culture.

This initiative marries the two aspects together, ”says Matthew Caruana, manager of ZAAR, Malta’s crowdfunding platform to support local entrepreneurs set up through a collaboration between the FPEI, the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and the University of Malta.

“We hope to help artists and creatives to become more sustainable, both environmentally and financially. Only then will the artists be able to express themselves without any obligations to anyone apart from themselves and their followers.

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” Set to launch in April, the program will include a series of sessions aimed at guiding participants towards a more entrepreneurial mindset within their work or projects, while exploring how they might combine their talents with adapted techniques from the business world.

Participants will receive a specialized guidebook, as well as expert training through modules on mentorship, promotion of crowdfunding and setting targets for fundraising in crowdfunding campaigns.

The program supports the overall objectives of the Malta Arts Council, which focuses on nurturing creative potential and developing it with professional skills as micro entrepreneurs and freelancers, while increasing community engagement with the arts and supporting alternative sources of funding and investment.

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