The 3 Major Skills For Millenials Who Want To Excel As Leaders

3 Tips For Millenials Who Aspire To Become Leaders.


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1.Intelligence quotient

Our changing world has been quietly reflecting the value of intelligence qoutient, or IQ, in the workforce for several years. This is often referred to as the other type of smart. .

Emotional intelligence argues that individuals who possess three core skills are actually better able to experience the most success and satisfaction in their job than those lacking IQ.

  • Self-awareness. This is the ability to understand and be aware of your emotions.
  • Self-management. In understanding your emotions, you are able to develop personal competence. As such, you may be able to direct your behavior in a positive manner.
  • Relationship management. Interactions, ranging from how you engage with customers to collaborate with coworkers, are better managed as a result of picking up on the awareness found in your emotions and the emotions of others.

2. Nimble deportment

What comes to mind when you think of someone who has a nimble nature? When I hear this word I tend to think of entrepreneurs. Possessing a nimble approach means being flexible and fluid.

Millennials understand there are times when they need to stick to a script, and there are also moments when the script must be thrown out and rewritten. When the unexpected happens, like a global pandemic, everything changes out of necessity.

There are new customer needs to meet. It’s simply not feasible to act as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

Millennials who worked during Covid-19 will likely be able to recall at least one moment where they needed to suddenly pivot and transform their existing processes to complete tasks.

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3. Bridge

Are there other traits I could have listed in this third slot? Certainly. I could have talked about how the innovative nature of millennials will allow them to learn new concepts and adapt.

Amid the pandemic health crisis is a mental health crisis. Employees all around the world have been experiencing high levels of depression, anxiety, and burnout. . Now, it has become a lasting issue that is impossible to ignore.

Millennials prioritize people. If a colleague is acting off or seems down, they will be among the first to pick up on it. They will also be among the first to try to offer to help out.

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