Inconvenience for the twin sisters who wedded a One man double their age

Twin sisters story

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Owami and Olwethu , the twins

Indistinguishable twins Owami and Olwethu Mzazi are from Vosloorus in South Africa. The pair used to share everything without jealousy or envy separating them.

Owami and Olwethu even made a stride further when they wedded a similar man – a man double their age. They say their long-lasting dream was to wed a similar man.

Growing up, the young ladies washed the dishes, played, went to class, and surprisingly washed one next to the other. They were raised by their grandma. Owami and Olwethu, disclosed to South African Broadcasting Corporation’s Mapaseka Mokwele how the association functions for them; how they stay in bed separate rooms and how their significant other substituted his evenings, and how now and again they all offer a similar bed.

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Owami and Olwethu got hitched to their man around the same time after he paid their settlement.

“We have consistently done everything together” Owami had disclosed to South Africa’s Drum Magazine in February 2016. “That is the manner by which our grandma raised us.”

With this childhood, they realized that nothing would isolate them, not so much as a man.

Owami and Olwethu each have a 3-year-old little girl who is so enamored with one another they share a room. They have even initiated their moms ‘Mom One’ and ‘Mom Two’.

Owami and Olwethu say they aren’t envious of one another on the grounds that their ‘savvy’ spouse has a feeling of correspondence.

“At the point when he is going to get back home, he will send an SMS to the two of us. He is going to a similar house yet he isolates the SMSs,” said the twins during the meeting as interpreted on Ms. Mokwele’s SABC show.

With respect to why they wedded a man path more established than them, Owami and Olwethu said they were searching for a developed man who might utilize his intelligence to keep up the solidarity they developed since adolescence – a contention that was immovably upheld by their uncle and their grandma.

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“Our better half was our acting instructor and sooner or later, we built up a bond. He revealed to us that he cherished the two of us all along. In those days he didn’t realize that we needed to wed one individual,” said the twins.

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